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Atlantic City Presses On With Mobile Gaming

Can NJ casino patrons gamble on mobile devices anywhere in the casino or resort, whether it be at the pool or in their hotel rooms? ... Read more

iOS 6 Limits Ad Tracking

Apple's new iOS6 includes a feature that allows users to turn off ad tracking. This could have a major impact on how mobile app developers target their customers. ... Read more

FTC Issues Mobile App Guidelines

The FTC has issued a new guideline for mobile app developers. If you're already engaging in best practice privacy protection, compliance should be no problem. ... Read more

Mobile Marketing for Affiliates: A Case Study

Mobile marketing is a subject that no affiliate partner can afford to ignore. So let's take a closer look at exactly what you should be thinking about when developing a mobile strategy. ... Read more

How Mobile Gaming Affects Downloads vs. Depositors

What's more important, downloads or depositors and why? How should affiliates deal with lots of downloads with no depositors? ... Read more

Nevada Launches Wifi for Mobile Sports Betting: What It Means

Now that Cantor Gaming has made mobile sports betting a reality in the State of Nevada via Wifi, affiliates now have the opportunity to promote the service and the sports books that offer it. ... Read more

Is Google Labelling Smartphone Optimized Results?

Google is experimenting with labeling smart phone optimized mobile search results with a distinctive phone icon. This could be the beginning of a major mobile SEO push. ... Read more

Google Project Glass Basics

Google Project Glass is a wearable mobile device that's set to change the way smart phone users view the world. ... Read more

Create A Mobile Version of Your Site Checklist

Need a mobile version of website? Creating mobile websites can be overwhelming. Follow this checklist to get it right. ... Read more

Apple OS Upgrades Shun Google

Apple announced OS X and iOs upgrades today and the clear message seemed to be a breakup with Google. Google power was conspicuously absent from most of the new features. ... Read more
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