If you know nothing else at all about mobile keyword research you probably do know that:

  • Mobile search terms are not necessarily a mirror image of desktop search terms.
  • The mobile web use is rapidly overtaking desktop use.

What you might not know is that mobile keyword research best practices have changed considerably over the past three or four years. In a recent postingĀ  Searchland.com posting titled, How to Do Mobile Keyword Research in 2013, blogger Bryson Meunier provided some in-depth guidance how to the latest methods for mobile keyword research success.

While the whole article is worth a read, here a few of his top tips to get you started.

Define Goals & Metrics

Before getting too far along with your mobile keyword research, Meunier suggests spending some time looking at the end game.

If you’re site is strictly mobile, your keywords (and your mobile content) are going to be a lot different than if you’re looking to increase mobile traffic to your desktop site.

He also suggests walking into the process with a good idea about how much mobile traffic, and where it’s coming from, early on in the game.

Research Tools

If you dipped your toes in mobile keyword research a few years back but gave up because the tools to help you weren’t yet available, they are now.

Meunier does a really nice job of breaking down how to use Google Webmaster tools to help get an edge on your mobile keyword research. It’s really a lot more detailed than traditional keyword research, so you’ll probably be grateful for any assistance you can get.

Unfortunately, Google is still, pretty much, the only game in town when it comes to mobile keyword research. Meunier does share a few tips for using Bing’s analytic tools, but they’re nowhere near as robust as what Google is offering.

He does, however, cover how to optimize app searches for your overall SEO campaign. As the mobile search market grows, this should be very useful information.

Keyword Qualification

Once you’ve put together a list of potential mobile keywords, you need to figure out which ones are actually going to be valuable to you. Assuming that you’ve got a good handle on what percentage of your traffic is mobile in the first place, this should be too tough.

Meunier suggests using tools like word cloud generators to expose your top choices.


Mobile keyword research is not necessarily a simple process but, given the rapid growth of the mobile market, it’s something every gaming affiliate should take a look at.

What are your top tips for mobile keyword research? You can share them in the comments section below.



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