Up until just recently, gambling affiliates didn’t have a specific source of premium WordPress themes they could use to launch their sites.

Even though WordPress has always been the best solution for affiliates worldwide, the WordPress themes market didn’t have much to offer them.

With Flytonic, the situation has finally changed. The company offers (at the time of writing) 9 themes designed especially for online gambling affiliates. Let’s take a look at them more closely.

WordPress Gambling Themes

Flytonic offers a really nice gallery of themes, designed for various purposes related to online gambling (casinos, poker, review sites, and more).


Each theme comes with a custom admin panel that offers a range of handy options and settings. For instance, you can take advantage of parameters like:

  • Affiliate site details (set what you want to promote: poker, casino, etc.).
  • Theme options (header preferences, excerpt length, logo settings, footer scripts, breadcrumbs, and other technical aspects).
  • Layout adjustment (change the number of sidebars).
  • Built in SEO options (change titles, descriptions, etc.).
  • Banner management.
  • Affiliate link redirects (allows you to hide your affiliate links).
  • Additional custom widgets and shortcodes.

Mobile Gambling Theme

Among other themes, there’s also one designed to make delivering content to mobile platforms as easy as it can possibly get. In this day and age, more and more people access the web on the go, instead of using their laptops, or better yet desktop computers.

The theme that can help you to capitalize on this trend is called Overlay Theme.

This is what it looks like on a standard screen:


This is what it looks like on an iPad:


As you can see, only the essential info remains, making the site very clear and much more user friendly.

Here are some of the specific features this theme has to offer:

  • Two widgets for presenting top site/top bonus info. This displays a list of affiliate offers and other related content of your choosing.
  • Featured site widget. Allows you to pick a featured offer and showcase it properly.
  • In-post featured table. A way to place a random offer anywhere inside a post or page.
  • In-post bonus table. A way to place a bonus inside a post or page.
  • Customizable features depending on the type of site (poker, casino, sportsbook, bingo, or custom).

Should You Get It?

The price tag on the Overlay Theme is $175, which is not the cheapest solution around. However, it does deliver quite an interesting set of features and it is a 100% custom online gambling solution. In the end, just this fact alone could be a good enough reason to get the theme.

Buying a standard theme instead, and then tweaking it to fit the online gambling niche can surely be much more expensive and complicated.

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