Gamblers in Nevada have longed for the day that they could double down on a hand of blackjack while waiting for room service in their hotel suites, and that dream has become a reality now that the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) has permitted gambling on mobile devices in hotel rooms.

Up until now, gaming has been restricted to public areas such as poolsides, but the NGC’s new amendment extends mobile gambling to areas not previously allowed, including parking lots and hotel rooms. This may encourage them to play more, thereby increasing casino profits.

The decision was one of several new laws recently added, including the approved use of betting kiosks in public locations and requiring casinos to find new ways to report gaming revenues.

Compliance with Gaming Laws

Casino operators now have to make sure these gambling devices are in compliance with gaming laws, which is easier said than done. They are most concerned with keeping minors from having access to the devices. How can they do that? Every 12-year-old knows how to turn on a mobile device. Hell, they probably taught their parents how to use them in the first place.

Casinos may enjoy the new amendment. No one knows how much additional revenue may be generated with the new law, but it is likely to increase as players can gamble more frequently and with less effort.

Before they can take advantage of the new law, casino operators must convince the chairman of the State Gaming Control Board they can uphold state gaming laws. This includes developing a practice to keep minors from having access to gambling applications through mobile devices.

Technology experts from the gaming commission will review the technology each casino comes up with. This will be the basis for whether or not they are granted permission by the chairman. The commission will review the license applications on a case-by-case basis.

Some casinos will clearly implement more effective measures than others. What those measures will be remains to be seen.

It’s still unclear how players will receive this new law and what impact it will have.

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