One of the biggest challenges in creating a mobile marketing strategy is figuring out when to rely on traditional marketing strategies…and when to chuck them out the window entirely.

Simply stated, end-users have very different expectations when they visit your mobile site than they have when they visit your desktop site.

The sooner you can identify these differences, and adjust them, the better off you’ll be when it comes to beefing up your conversion rate.

These differences were the subject of a recent article on Search Engine Journal by Amanda Durepos titled, 3 Questions You Must Answer to Create Mobile Pages That Convert Like Crazy. Here are a few of Durepos’ tips that are particularly relevant for casino affiliates.

Avoid Mobile Info-Overload
Mobile users are usually looking for quick, down-and-dirty, information that can help them make a decision later on down the line.

This means mobile content needs to be delivered in easily digestible nuggets.

Keep in mind, your average mobile user is usually engaged in some other activity while browsing on their phone. These folks aren’t looking for details, they want a big picture overview that includes a clear call-to-action of one kind or another.

As Durepos points out, mobile users want snack-sized bites, not the whole meal.

Present a Clear CTA

Once you’ve gone through the effort of getting people to actually visit your mobile site, you shouldn’t scare them off with overly complicated CTA’s.

Even worse is directing end-users from one platform to another. If you’re gambling on the prospect of a players remembering your offer as they transition from their mobile back to their desktops, you’re going to lose.

If there’s ever been a place for KISS (keep it simple, stupid), the mobile space is it.

Increase the Trust

Cramming a sound argument on to the cramped mobile canvas is as challenging as it is necessary. What’s also necessary is establishing trust with your customer.

Establishing trust doesn’t have to be complicated. In some cases it’s as simple as a single sentence, or single word, customer testimonial.

Mobile customers can be distracted, but they’re not babes in the woods. Unless you earn their trust from the get-go, you might wind up losing them forever.


Increasing mobile conversions, like any other aspect of web marketing, is going to involve a fair amount of trial and error. But once you’ve latched on to something that works, the profits will surely follow.



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