Mobile content optimization is a hot topic in the SEO world these days, but most of ground-level webmasters have little idea of what it really entails.

If you’re starting to put the pieces of a mobile optimization strategy together, here are some tips for making your content as mobile friendly as possible.

Think Like a Mobile User

Pretty much every piece of advice we’re going to give on this topic can be boiled down to one sentence; think like a mobile user.

As we’ll see, mobile users search, think and interact differently than their desktop counterparts. (In fact, the same players may have remarkably different playing habits based on what device they’re playing from.)

A big part of mobile content optimization is finding those differences and tailoring your content accordingly.

So what makes mobile users different? Normally they’re distracted multi-taskers who are squeezing in a short break while doing something else. That means your window of opportunity for capturing their attention is very brief.

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Treat it Like a Tweet

Unlike desktop content, mobile content isn’t likely to be viewed on anything bigger than an iPad screen. So there’s no room for big blocks of text and lengthy soliloquies in the mobile world. That’s why Mashable blogger Ryan Matzner recommends treating mobile content like a Tweet:

Get an idea across quickly. To do this, content will have to be quick and clear so that users get the point right away, but with just enough mystery and intrigue to encourage them to continue reading and to also share the content with others.

That also means you’ve got to get straight to the call to action.

Mobile CTAs

Whatever you want want your mobile CTA to be, you need to get right to it or you’ll lose out entirely. That means, once again, keep your CTA’s nice, crisp and right-to-the-point. You just don’t have the option of drawing in mobile users with a long line.


Mobile content optimization is still an evolving art, but it’s definitely not going away. For now, mobile content providers need to create articles that get right to the point and look good on a tiny screen.

Are you optimizing Content for mobile applications? Let us know how it’s going in the comments section below.

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