Legal mobile betting on NFL games will be a feature of life at Las Vegas Raiders Stadium, whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell likes it or not.

Of course the League won’t be endorsing the practice but, thanks to the proliferation of regulated mobile betting apps in Nevada, the wagering will happen and it will happen legally.

The NFL has long waged war against sports betting and it’s a subject they haven’t been particularly flexible on. For decades, the League even prohibited Las Vegas from having a team because they thought the stink of regulated sports betting would taint their otherwise pristine product.

All that changed a few years back when the Oakland Raiders were looking for a new home and Vegas presented itself as the only city willing to build the team a new stadium. While the NFL relented on allowing a team in Sin City, it kept firm on its no-gambling policy.

There’s language in the team’s lease that specifically prohibits gambling but, once again, it doesn’t cover mobile betting.

Not surprisingly, League officials have been doing their best to avoid the subject. When recently questioned an NFL official on the matter they replied simply that the team is, “…are required to abide by League rules on the matter.”

Over at the Nevada Gaming Commission, where the final word on the subject would actually come from,┬áchairman Tony Alamo said he hadn’t been contacted by the League. Alamo also added a word about things work in Nevada saying:

he Nevada Gaming Commission is the policy maker for the state of Nevada and gaming, and they (the NFL) have not approached us in any shape, way or form.

If betting is, technically, allowed in one NFL stadium, how long will it be until it’s allowed in all NFL Stadiums?

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