Mobile gambling is opening up a whole new dimension of the igaming spectrum and mobile apps are a huge part of the growth.

According to a recent study by Flurry Analytics, worldwide mobile app use was up 115% in 2013 from the previous year. That massive growth includes a whopping 203% increase in social and messaging app use; and a 66% increase in gaming apps.

In the gambling world, mobile apps aimed at social gamblers are bringing in big bucks for the forward-thinking operators who’ve developed them out. But are mobile apps a good fit for smaller casino affiliates?

Mobile apps are, indeed, a great deal for affiliates, but they’re not a marketing tool you’ll be able to develop overnight. If you think mobile apps just aren’t worth the hassle, you might want to think again.

What Advantage Do Mobile Apps Offer Affiliates?

The modern world is a place that’s packed with distractions and that’s especially true when you’re talking about the web. Mobile apps go a long ways towards limiting distractions by keeping the end-user in one place.

These self-contained ecosystems are the perfect marketing tool for affiliates who worry about losing players to the lure of the next-best-thing. The right mobile app can present all of your affiliate partner to end-users in a closed space where distractions are limited.

Mobile app-minded affiliates should keep in mind the fact that players are going to need some help seeing the advantages of logging on via apps instead of their desktop. For this reason, you’ll probably need to introduce some incentives, and publish a fair amount of mobile app FAQ content, to help beat this new learning curve.

Developing an App

Developing a mobile app is a daunting task that’s going to require a lot of trial and error and, in all likelihood, a decent-sizes development budget.

App development isn’t the same as website development, so you’ll almost certainly be farming the job off to outside consultants. You can keep development costs in check by handing your developer a thorough guide to your vision.

You’re far more likely to get something market-ready from your developer on the first try if you’ve given him clear cut instructions for bringing your app to life.


Publishing a gambling app on the Apple Apps Store or Google Play is still something of a crap shoot. If you’re planning to distribute through these channels, be sure to read the fine print about gambling apps.

At the end of the day, you may find that distributing it through alternative distribution network, or simply doing it yourself, is the better choice.


A well-designed mobile app can break open new audiences for casino affiliates, while keeping their existing players close at hand.



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