A couple of weeks ago, Barry Lowenthal of The Media Kitchen published an article on Digiday about the mobile ad space and its flaws. In short, he says that mobile advertising is still broken.

The argument he raises is based on his experiences with a number of new startups and their approach to mobile. Although most startups have some kind of mobile aspect to them – be it an app or some other form of presence – hardly anyone relies on advertising to generate revenue.

This is a bit worrying in itself because if some of the most creative businesses out there continue to disregard mobile ads, then what the rest of us should do? Should we follow?

Reasons Why Mobile Ads Matter

Of course we should still use mobile ads, especially in the affiliate business, where we can reach our target audience with a direct promotional message.

The startup world is a bit unique, to say the least.

Most startups are extremely passionate about an idea / product and they rarely care about being profitable from day one. So the first thing they focus on is developing a great product, and revenue is expected to follow (somehow).

The other thing is that a big part of the startup world is about building a solution and then getting acquired by a bigger corporation. In such a scenario, mobile ads don’t seem relevant at all.

In the end, although Barry’s arguments are valid for startups, they don’t seem all that valid for the rest of us. Here’s the full piece.

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