What’s the fastest growing advertising vehicle for web marketers in 2013? With nearly $10 billion worth of inventory snapped over the last 12 months, that title goes to mobile advertising.

According to a recent report from PerformanceInsider.com, buyers dropped approximately $9.6 billion on mobile advertising vehicles in 2013. That’s up from just $4.36 billion the previous year.

Given the rapid growth of smart phone use across the globe, these numbers are hardly shocking. Recent estimates suggest that nearly 22% of the world’s population owns a smart phone or tablet and that number is growing at a breakneck pace.

When viewed through the spectrum of ad buys as a whole, the mobile space is pretty small. During this same period, advertisers spent $33 billion on PC-focused ads.

Though that’s a massive number, its not one that’s likely to see much growth in the years to come. In fact, that corner of the market grew only .4% from this same time last year.

Of course advertising growth of any kind is frequently a moot point for casino affiliates in many markets where big name ad networks are reluctant to accept gambling advertisements. But with this kind of growth, and legalization on the march in the US, it’s possible that casino affiliates might be able to take advantage of the mobile advertising revolution.


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