Maryland lawmakers are readying legislation that would allow for regulated sports betting in their state. SB 58, which was filed late in 2019 by Senator Chris West (R). In doing do, West assured that the bill would be one of the first item on the legislative agenda for 2020.

Under the term of the bill, sports betting would be allowed at the state’s casinos and race tracks. Currently, there six casinos and five race tracks that would qualify to apply for a sports betting license, should the legislation make its way into law.

Though West is clearly confident, or at least optimistic, about SB 58′s chances Maryland is still a long way from actually offering legal sports betting to its citizens. Even if the bill clears the House and Senate, it will likely still need approval from Maryland voters. That said, voters across the country seem to be very open to regulated sports betting and most bills that have been put forth to the voting public have passed.

In an effort to make the bill more palatable to the voters, supporters are suggesting that regulated sports betting could raise an additional $40-$60 million in tax revenues. According to a report on, that money would be used to shore up Maryland’s public school system.

While the general public is debating the bill’s chances of passing, casino and race track operators are clearly optimistic about sports betting’s future in Maryland. According to, several Maryland operators are already advertising positions for sports betting and sportsbook directors.

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