The synergy between the rapid development of technology and the increased expansion of markets is responsible for the expansion and growth of the online gambling industry at a global level. The industry has seen a greater expansion in the past five years than it ever experienced before, and this makes 2012 a great opportunity for gambling affiliates’ websites to flourish in different regions of the world.

Honestly, the economic recession and all those legislative issues affecting some of the once-upon-a-time deemed the largest online gambling markets are starting to take a toll on everyone as they don’t seem to be going away any time soon. However, we are all together in the hope that we’ll see the day when online gambling is accepted. While we wait, check out a list of the places where you guys are more likely to make some good money this upcoming year:

1. Spain. The Spanish online gambling market has been growing steadily and quietly over the past few years. The growth of the market from 2009 to 2010 was of 33%, totaling profits of €315 million. The numbers haven’t been put together for 2011 yet, but they were predicted to be even higher. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that!?

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2. Brazil. This is another market that began emerging recently as internet penetration and development campaigns were encouraged by the local government. Even though many argue that this market is still on the raw, this is only because not enough people have ventured into it. Brazil is the best option at the moment if you are looking to target Latin America mainly because of the accessibility to process payments via credit and debit cards that the rest of countries in the region do not enjoy. This is definitely a good time to start moving resources in that direction.

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3. Japan. Even though this market presents great challenges for any affiliate, such as language and cultural barriers, it is definitely worth a shot. Online gambling legislation is only starting to appear as a topic in Japan, but this country has been waiting for years to get engaged in the online gambling market. The Japanese are known for being enthralled to online gaming and online gambling is no exception. We encourage you to take a chance to start understanding what it takes to make business in Japan,

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4. Canada. You might want to hurry if you want to get a good piece of this cake, because Canada threw an online gambling party and the rumor spread fast. The biggest advantage to running business in Canada is the laid back legislation regarding online gambling and an eager-to-gamble audience. Even though there are some language and cultural considerations that you should learn about in order to enter this market, we recommend that it is time for you to stop waiting and start planning how to recruit players over there.

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We hope this article gave you some direction to where the money is in 2012. Hopefully, this year will also see all the legal and technical problems of online gambling around the world get resolved so you can freely choose where to do business.

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