We currently live in a fast-speed, globalized world and the online gambling industry can benefit from this greatly. A smart affiliate manager knows that now is the time to reach out to new markets and establish their business within a niche when it’s still time to take big chunks of profit.

However, many affiliates find themselves not knowing where to turn in order to achieve this goal and in this article we’ll tell you exactly what you need to be doing in order to target new regions.

Now is the right time to venture intone or many of those remote, exotic locations; such as India, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. In order to select the right destination for you and your business, it is absolutely essential to learn about the unique characteristics of each region so that there are no cultural misunderstandings or technicalities getting in your way.


India is a booming economy; some of the largest online gambling operators, like William Hill and Betfair, have already started providing services there because the potential for profit is great. A rising middle class is rapidly becoming interested in online gambling and they have a keen interest for offshore operators, as there are very few local ones there at the moment.

Top Online Casinos in India

Latin America

Latin America is one of the largest online gambling markets, with millions of active internet users just looking for more viable payment options to start depositing at online gambling sites. This region holds great appeal for players, but there are still plenty of challenges that need to be overcome in order to establish a successful business; such as player conversions, payment options, and the language barrier.

Latin American Gaming Challenges

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe remains fairly unexplored territory for our industry, but the few online gambling operators that have headed in that direction have reported vast success and high profits. Some countries in Eastern Europe have imposed high taxes on online gambling, but for the most part regulation is not so strict and every day there are more online casinos and poker rooms catering to this audience.

Video Interview: Gal Yosseph, Success in Eastern Europe

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