Casino affiliate marketing tools are a broad category. Since even the most basic banner ads needed to power any affiliate program are technically marketing tools, you could say that even the greenest newbie uses casino affiliate marketing tools in some form.

What you’re probably interested in learning about, then, are the specially designed services, the marketing tools for casino affiliates created to help give you the info you need to adjust your marketing plan for maximum success.

The Age of SEO

Most of these marketing tools for casino affiliates deal with search engine optimization (SEO), or search marketing. For most of the past decade, Internet marketing has lived in the search marketing world; the idea is that a high placement on Google’s hundreds of millions of daily searches will deliver traffic better than any other kind of marketing channel, period.

SEO, then, is the manipulation of how your site appears on search engine results. The focus of most SEO activity is Google, and, although that may by slowly changing, for practical purposes, Google, with its 66% search engine market share, remains the most important market for casino affiliates.

Given Internet gambling’s shifting regulatory status, casino affiliates are unable to market their sites using SEO’s biggest marketing tool, Google AdWords. So most marketing tools for casino affiliates deal with other types of search marketing concepts, such as:

  • Keyword density. Keywords are the heart and soul of any Internet marketing plan. Your whole website should be created around one or two powerful, targeted keywords. Once you’ve got those keywords, many casino affiliate marketing tools exist to make sure your content successfully incorporates them, such as CAP’s Keyword Density Checker.
  • Website speed. As of 2010, the faster your site loads, the better it’ll perform on Google. So, website speed has become an important SEO function. It’s also basic good business: Your visitors won’t have the patience for a slow-loading site. CAP offers a Website Speed Test to evaluate your site speed.
  • Links. Your links, incoming and outgoing, are maybe the most important factor of your site’s position on Google’s search engine rankings. Numerous marketing tools for casino affiliates exist to analyze these links. The more popular a link is, the more it’ll help your search engine ranking.

The list goes on, though most marketing tools for casino affiliates serve the above ideas. Tools that check your Digg links; tools that check Twitter links. Casino affiliate marketing tools that help you optimize your HTML structure for better indexing, or that generate Meta-Tags.

Beginner Vs Advanced

If you’re an advanced casino affiliate, you’re one of the elite — and there aren’t many marketing tools for casino affiliate programs that you’re going to need. Advanced affiliates are generally the guys who create these tools for the rest of us. So, most casino affiliate marketing tools are designed for beginner and intermediate affiliates.

And sure, most of these examples list our own casino affiliate marketing tools here at CAP. And with good reason — our goal is to provide you with everything you need for casino affiliate success. That’s why we offer more than 90 specially designed marketing tools for casino affiliates, free for all members.

But we also encourage you to try other sites’ tools, or create your own. The bottom line is to use a variety of casino affiliate tools to better understand where your site is succeeding, and where it needs work.

Is your site fast enough? Is it properly indexed? Are you underusing your keywords? To understand these questions, and to know their answers, gives you a much better shot at success. And that’s the ultimate purpose of all marketing tools for casino affiliates.

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