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Winter is the time when igaming affiliates and operators emerge from their cubicles and home offices to attend a host of industry events that collectively make up what we know as Conference Season.

If you’re heading out to any of these events (and we’ve got a complete round-up right here) you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Go in With a Goal – Big conference halls can be very overwhelming. Try to think of a couple goals you’d like to accomplish before you head out the door. Whether it’s improving your SEO strategy, or just meeting one new affiliate manager, a goal helps you stay on track.
  • Study the Schedule in Advance – Knowing where you’re going, and when you’re supposed to be there, helps make your conference visit an economically sound investment.
  • Schedule a Few Meetings – Don’t overdo it, but conferences are a great time for grabbing face time with your favorite, or not-so-favorite, affiliate managers.
  • Be Flexible – When we say, “have a plan,” we also mean, “Be ready to chuck that plan if you’re on to something better.”
  • Don’t Party Too Much – This one’s tough, but keep your partying in check. No one likes sitting through an SEO panel discussion with a hangover. Even worse, landing in too many photo galleries might not be good for your reputation.

Now let’s take a look at the big, upcoming conferences.

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