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Macau by night.

Macau for Gaming Affiliates

Because Macau is the biggest gaming brand in the Pacific Rim, the casinos there are the ones to watch when it comes to online gambling. Many industry insiders consider legal gambling of one kind or another to be inevitable in China. Should that happen, Macau will be a firestorm of online gaming activity.

Until that time, affiliates should spend some time learning about Asian gaming habits and how they differ from Western gaming habits. (For example, live poker tables have only been a part of the Macau gaming scene since 2007. )

Asia is the final frontier for internet gambling and affiliates with a good read on Macau will be set to grab a big piece of that pie.┬áThere’s no doubt that the major players in Macau are ready to throw the switch on online operations should they get the go ahead.

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