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iGB Affiliate Awards & The Financial Partners Expo

The London Affiliate Conference covers a lot more ground than just the igaming industry (though it covers that ground particularly well).

LAC attendees can also drop in at the Financial Partners Expo to see what’s happening in the world of FOREX and binary options trading. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who has been considering dipping their toes into these very lucrative affiliate markets.

Of course LAC attendees also have the opportunity to don their most stylish threads and mix with the industry elite at the iGB Affiliate awards. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or have been nominated for an award, this is one of the most dynamic awards ceremonies you’ll ever attend.

Be Ready to Party

Say whatever you like about the igaming industry, but this is one group that definitely know how to throw a party. The LAC itinerary is dotted with social hours; micro-bars; and massive parties that rival Roman bacchanalia.

Getting caught up in the LAC party scene is a clear and present danger for anyone who dawns and LAC attendee or exhibitor badge. While these good time events open up awesome networking opportunities, we advise you to partake in moderation as much as possible.

Thanks to the ever-present eye of social media, your party antics could bring you all the wrong kind of notoriety. So have a good time partaking in the libations you’ll find at every turn at the LAC, but be certain to pace yourself, too.

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