By this stage, you should have a website which has been correctly search engine optimized, with correct link and file structure. You should know the type of content that should be on your website, as well where to position the banners and advertising material. Your website should be rich with keywords, in  your menu options, as well as articles targeting keywords about the casino topic you have selected.

What’s left? Link Exchanges and updating your website.

It’s important that other websites which are related to casinos link to you. You can link from directories and other affiliate websites. Talk with other casino affiliates, and try and do link exchanges with them.

The more affiliates that link to you, the better. Why? Search engines will notice that more and more sites are linking to your website. This tells the search engines that people are linking to your site because your site is highly regarded and that it should be taken more seriously. Google then increases your site through the search engine listings to higher spots. The more links you have to your website, the higher your website will go.

The last component to your website is, to always update your website. Add at least 1 new article to your website. Search engines will notice the changes to your website, and will realize that because you are updating your website frequently, that it will need to come back and spider it more often.

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