Now I know there are many posts around about tools, and a lot of these tools don’t come cheap. They’re definitely not going to be within every affiliate’s budget. The end product should have you spending less time researching thus more time outreaching and as a result getting more links meaning better rankings (in theory).


Ontolo is surprisingly simple to use and certainly beats trawling through the SERPs yourself to find the sort of sites you want to be on. OK, so there are other ways of doing this, but ontolo allows you to use a couple of nice filters and the opportunity to set it going and have it send you email updates with the new stuff it finds meaning that once it’s set up that’s it in terms of prospecting you can leave it be. Keep in mind it will pull back a lot of rubbish with the quality but it is still a time saver. Well worth $97/month!


It should be noted that Gorkana is not cheap, and it’s not going to be for everyone. If you are not a big affiliate then leave this well alone. The fact is that you are only going to get a return from this if you’re actually creating newsworthy content. This is great for seeding out concepts like the old sponsored wedding story from a few years back. Without stories that a journalist will be interested in however this is a complete waste of time. Gorkana is essentially a press distribution network and takes some getting to grips with. But, this tool is indispensable when running a more PR driven link building campaign.

Link Research Tools

Whilst it doesn’t necessarily have to be link research tools you do NEED to have a ratio monitor to make sure you keep a balanced profile for your links to avoid that nasty penguin. The main reason I would chose LRT it that it isn’t too expensive as these go and has a few really good extra features. LRT is great for competitor mirroring and has a few handy features such as the link alerts (which are a great warning for incoming negative links).

Citation Labs

Great for a budget tool, saves you doing a lot of the grunt work in digging out potential link prospects for contact, much like Ontolo. I’m not going to go into too much detail about citation labs as there is quite a lot that you can do with it and there is already an awful lot of documentation on how to use it. If you’re not used to using tools to help with link building this is a very good place to start. In fact it works really well with Ontolo when you work with some of the filtering tools, whilst you can probably make do with one or the other they can be more powerful when used together.

Majestic SEO

Now I know that Majestic is perhaps a little obvious, but the fact is that MOZ isn’t what it used to be and for a quick overview Majestic’s trust flow is probably the best indicator that we have available to us at the moment. DA and PA (moz) are subject to very easy manipulation and a site that looks good could be propped up by poor quality spam. And of course PR has been dead as a metric for a long time.


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