An excerpt from “SEO Strategies for 2012: 4 Solutions to Effective Link Building Exposed.” A streamed recording of the full webinar is available free of charge to newsletter subscribers.

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Have you begun preparing your SEO and link building strategy for 2012? If not, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you by teaming up with link building masters, Nick Garner of Unibet and Paul Reilly of Media Skunk Works to unveil the top solutions for link building in 2012.

In this recording, Paul and Nick walk you through these solutions that will boost your SEO strategies. This is our final webinar for 2011, and with speakers and information like this, you will not want to miss out! Just click on the links above or below to get full access to this webinar.

You’ll also learn:

  • The top research techniques for your link building strategies in 2012
  • The meaning of “blag a link” and what it means for affiliates
  • What systems and processes affiliates should implement to improve link building strategies
  • The best practices for buying links
  • How Google+ can affect your rankings


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