Link building has been seriously under the microscope ever since Google rolled out their Penguin update last year. During that time SEOs have struggled to adjust to the new normal, especially when it comes to commercial link building services.

To find out more about the current state of link building services, and whether or not they’re still a viable resource, we sat down with Affiliate Media Digital Content Editor, Michaela. Here’s what she had to say about this timely subject.

Link Building Service Basics

Q: For those who have never used one before, tell us how a link building services work and what clients should expect from them?

Good link building companies generally manage your link building campaigns in an effort to grow effective, organic, ethical SEO. This type of link building should stand the test of time, and provide both immediate and long-term value. The two most noteworthy and effective link building tactics are guest blog posting and onsite content creation and promotion.

Link building services should maintain and report on the links they’ve created for your campaign, including your rankings each day to show how the progress is going.

Q: How much should a client expect to pay for these services and do they guarantee results?

Around $2000-$10000 a month. It would be great if they worked on a performance basis, but they generally don’t work this way.

Q: Are link building services still viable in the post-Penguin era?

Yes, very much so, as long as they’re building links organically and doing everything white hat. It should be no surprise that Google can quickly identify unethical and black hat techniques.

Finding a Link Building Service

Q: What kind of question should you be asking a potential link building partner?

  • How do you value a link?
  • Who are some of top publishers you have relationships with?
  • Can you work with me on a performance basis?
  • What’s your methodology?
  • Do you have your own reporting system?
  • How do you mix your anchor text between brand names and keywords?

Q: From the outset, how can you tell a good link building service from a bad one?

Great question; you can tell because they are transparent and can guarantee an increase in search traffic. They have relationships with top publishers and use a variety of tools to determine a good link from a bad one.

Q: Is it OK to ask for references?

Yes, but the agency should already have testimonials prepared.

Q: What if I’m not happy with the service and want the links removed?

Usually you pay on a month-by-month basis and can end, or continue, the campaign at any time. If this is a good link building company, you won’t want to remove any links because they should be coming from good domain authorities with a domain authority absolutely no lower than 20.


Q: Anything else affiliates should consider when evaluating link building services?

Talk to different link building agencies before deciding on one. They will all have different opinions, use different tools and offer packages and pricing models. Make sure to use one with proven results in your niche!

Are you working with a link building service? If you are, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.

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