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The Direct Approach (paying outright for links)

Disclaimer: I’m not saying I do this nor am I saying that this is the best of ideas. However, should you wish to do things this way, here are a few things you should know about the UK market.

4. Get your English right in your emails. No one will be more critical about your English than an Englishman. The fact is if your grammar isn’t damn near perfect in your email and it isn’t well-written, you will struggle. If your English isn’t great, get someone to check your begging emails before sending them. Other markets tend to be more forgiving over sloppy language skills than the UK.

5. Remember to keep an eye on your country specific metrics: IP addresses, TLD split and whether the sites are written in American or UK English. This is all important, obviously you should have more .co.uk links than you would if you were marketing a site to the USA or globally. Also, be careful with too many org.uk’s and me.uk’s, an overly large proportion will look unnatural and you may not have a problem now, but you may do down the line if Google starts to look more aggressively into average splits.

6. Remember if you’re speaking to the site owner and it’s in this market, odds are they will be native English speakers. If not you’re probably being resold and could get the link cheaper directly. If they don’t speak English as a first language you may want to double check the quality of their content before buying a link.

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