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Whilst it is true that there are many similarities across countries and markets, there are one or two specific idiosyncrasies that makes link building in the UK a little bit different to other markets. A lot of them do relate more to baiting for links rather than building them in the old-fashioned sense of the term, but the point is still the same.


Baiting for Links

1. Your Audience is British: Remember that what people think is cool and want to share and talk about doesn’t necessarily relate. Also, it is best to stay away from what YOU think British people will like if you’re not actually from the UK, it’s probably best to copy someone else who did something that worked. The market is full of competition whores, people who love freebies and this sort of low rent marketing will get people linking.

2. Think Pets. Whilst this does work in a lot of countries, it works in some better than others. Want an easy viral? Photoshop a cat playing a slot machine. Job done.

3. Webmasters know the value of their links: This is becoming a truth across many markets, but the UK is one of the worst for it. In some of the other markets, there are still a lot of webmasters out there that simply don’t know what links on their sites are worth. Don’t bank on it in the UK. Incentivise things; if you have something cool to share, give them the content to talk about it for free.

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