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How To Get Started

Before diving into the meatier steps, these are the basics to follow.

1. Reach out on your own

You can do this by submitting to directories, paying for links or emailing individuals who may be interested in linking back to your page or site. Tip: Keep in mind that you need to create a value for the “link target.” i.e. Don’t email a blogger that has little to no use for your particular content.

2. Create content that’s worth linking back to.

Ask yourself if you would link back to a site with low-quality content. The answer is probably no, and the same goes for you link target. Make sure your site is link-able before you start your link building campaign. More content creation tips.

3. Whether it’s leaving blog comments or forum posts with your link, it’s still considered link building.

While they may not reach the amount of eyeballs you’re looking for, they can get create an impact. Warning: Not all site owners and search engines love this sort of link building. Read more on blog commenting.

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