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Hungary Eyes Gambling Liberalization...But There's a Catch

The Government of Hungary is eyeballing some serious gambling liberalization measures. Unfortunately, the details of their proposals scream, 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.' ... Read more

Massachusetts Gamblers Embrace Illegal Gambling, Shun the Legal Stuff

Is the State of Massachusetts betting on the wrong horse in the regulated online gambling space? Turns out, these folks prefer sports betting by a margin of more than three fold. ... Read more

Cyprus Readies Casino Bill for Vote

Cyprus has long been home to the gambling industry's favorite bankers, and now it might also host some actual gambling as well. Cypriot lawmakers are set to vote on a bill legalizing casino gambling there by the end of the month. ... Read more

Romania Cracking Down on Unlicensed Operators

Gaming enforcement authorities in Romania are coming down hard on unlicensed operators. Those sites who don't fall in line are looking at some very serious sanctions. ... Read more

New Jersey Casino Affiliates Face Some Serious Choices

The New Jersey casino affiliate marketing industry is being given a choice, quite doing business with offshore sites, or get out of town. The only question now is whether Tony Soprano will be forcing compliance? ... Read more

California Online Poker Battle Turns Ugly

The battle for California online poker is starting to turn ugly. Besides a slate of aggressive political ads, the politicians themselves are starting to battle. ... Read more

Nevada OK's Sports Betting Wrinkle, 'Betting Pools'

Nevada OK's a new law that allows outside groups to engage in sports betting withing the state's borders. There are a few wrinkles but, for the most part, Nevada is open for business. ... Read more

California Online Poker Bill Clears Committee - So Now What?

Could California online poker be inching towards becoming a reality? The latest version of the bill passed a key committee this week...that's progress, ... Read more

Whose Turn is it to Watch the Seized Black Friday Domains?

The US Department of Justice was asleep behind the wheel when hackers took control of the seized Black Friday domains. It was a tiny victory for anyone who felt the sting of poker's darkest day. ... Read more

What the FIFA is Going on Here?

Some FIFA big shots could be watching the next World Cup from prison if they're not careful. Here's what you need to know about soccer's no good, terrible day. ... Read more
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