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DOJ Says Sports Betting is a 'Game of Skill' in Uncovered Docs

Recently uncovered DOJ documents reveal the agency's hidden belief that sports betting is a game of skill. Could this tilt the scales of justice in the USA? ... Read more

Sheldon Adelson Hires Trent Lott as Top RAWA Lobbyist

Shel Adelson has hired former Senator Trent Lott to lobby on behalf of RAWA. Lott is a GOP bigwig, but does he have enough muscle to push RAWA through? ... Read more

European Commission Challenges German Gambling Treaty

The European Commission is finally challenging German gambling laws for being incredibly non-inclusive. Could this be the end of the years-old licensing debate in Deutschland? ... Read more

Romanian Gambling Officals Issue Licenses and Blacklist

Romanian gambling officials hit the industry with a one-two punch of new licenses and a new blacklist. On the blacklist are some pretty big industry names, including Intertops. ... Read more

Shel Adelson's Congressional Pets Say, 'No Agenda Here'

Shel Adelson's pets in Congress say he's not pulling the strings, no matter how much money he gives them. It turns out all those politicians he gave money to just happen to agree with his hardline no online gambling stance. ... Read more

Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2015 is the Anti-RAWA

Representative Joe Barton just introduced the Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2015 and it's the anti-RAWA. Will it be enough to save US online poker? ... Read more

Hungary Eyes Gambling Liberalization...But There's a Catch

The Government of Hungary is eyeballing some serious gambling liberalization measures. Unfortunately, the details of their proposals scream, 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.' ... Read more

Massachusetts Gamblers Embrace Illegal Gambling, Shun the Legal Stuff

Is the State of Massachusetts betting on the wrong horse in the regulated online gambling space? Turns out, these folks prefer sports betting by a margin of more than three fold. ... Read more

Cyprus Readies Casino Bill for Vote

Cyprus has long been home to the gambling industry's favorite bankers, and now it might also host some actual gambling as well. Cypriot lawmakers are set to vote on a bill legalizing casino gambling there by the end of the month. ... Read more

Romania Cracking Down on Unlicensed Operators

Gaming enforcement authorities in Romania are coming down hard on unlicensed operators. Those sites who don't fall in line are looking at some very serious sanctions. ... Read more
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