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US Lottery Scandal Could Be Bigger Than Originally Thought

The US lottery industry is facing a credibility crisis after one of its security managers was found guilty of rigging numbers. Does this scandal go deeper than was originally thought? ... Read more

Online Gambling Forces Triumph in RAWA Hearing

The latest round of RAWA hearing looked like a big win for the online gambling industry. Industry reps shredded their critics using nothing more than the truth. ... Read more

RAWA Anti-Online Gambling Hearing Scheduled for December 9

US lawmakers have scheduled a hearing to discuss the Restoration of America's Wire Act (RAWA) for December 9. It's another example of Shel Adelson's oversized influence on the US online gambling market. ... Read more

Pennsylvania Online Gambling Bill Moving Forward

A Pennsylvania online gambling bill has made its way out of committee and is ready for the next step. Of course that next step might not be for a while. ... Read more

Australian Government Hands Out Penalties to Gambling Advertising Scofflaws

Australian gambling operators are feeling the heat from regulators over offensive advertising techniques this week. Both Ladbrokes and SportsBet got spanked over ads that weren't up to snuff. ... Read more

Daily Fantasy Sports Industry Doesn't Fight Gambling Label in Europe/UK

... Read more

American Gaming Association Shifts View on Sports Betting

The American Gaming Association says it's seeking "rational alternatives" to the US sports betting ban. It's just the latest assault on the ban that seems likely to fall in the near future. ... Read more

New York Attorney General Tells DFS Sites to 'Cease and Desist'

The New York state attorney general has issued a cease-and-desist order to daily fantasy sports operators. Even worse, he said they accept bets! ... Read more

New Jersey Regulators Debate Daily Fantasy Sports Issue

New Jersey gaming regulators took up the issue of daily fantasy sports in a contentious hearing earlier this week. At issue was the age old debate over skill vs chance. ... Read more

New South Wales Bans In-Play Odds Advertising

The government of New South Wales has slapped a ban on in-plays odds advertising. It's just the latest salvo in the Australian war on problem gambling. ... Read more
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