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Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is the epitome of living large with his bevvy of beautiful babes; piles of cash; fast cars; and closet full of machine guns.

Living like the spec ops vet/poker player/all-around stud isn’t something most of us would be able to pull off, but putting together a sweet Bilzerian costume isn’t all that tough.

Start with a high quality fake beard (after all, Bilzerian’s signature facial hair is meticulously groomed).

Once you’ve got the beard down, start adding in flair such as machine guns (toys only, please) and flashy jewelry. Depending on the size of your chest, you can show off your manly pecs al a Bilzerian. If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll have to settle for the flashiest button-up you’ve got in your closet.

You’ll get bonus points if you can convince a few bikini-clad babes to accompany you for the night to round out your Bilzerian look.

That said, if you can convince bikini clad babes to follow you around for the night, you might already be Bilzerian.

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