Ever wanted your stats of your credit card processors, PPC search engines and affiliate programs all in one place? Of course you have, and StatsRemote is gonna help you make that dream a reality.

StatsRemote is a highly effective software application that is dedicated to providing users with their stats on thousands of programs. Offered by 24/7 GmbH, StatsRemote is the one of the few auto stats desktop tools that allows users to check all of their statistics from affiliate programs, payment processors and Pay Per Click search engines without having to log in.

With StatsRemote, users can simply log into a single program on their desktop. The program will not only give them all of their stats, but allow them to export them to an Excel file. The stats can range from hits, sales, rebills, income, expenses and beyond. You’ll always have all the numbers right in front of you.

One of the unique benefits of StatsRemote is that it allows affiliates to track which programs are yielding the most revenue and how many expenses they are generating. This way they can decide which systems are paying off the most.

Many affiliates use StatsRemote including dozens of the biggest affiliates in the casino industry. They have provided a number of glowing reviews on the programs. Here are a few of the reasons affiliates can benefit from StatsRemote:

  1. They can receive reports on their rankings by email every day or every hour. These updates will help affiliates track which affiliate programs have started becoming popular recently.
  2. Affiliates can see what affiliate programs are benefiting them the most over the long term.
  3. They can monitor their stats in any currency, which is great if affiliates are operating all over the world.
  4. The program can be used on any operating system or Internet browser. It is also very quick and easy to setup a program on a new system without losing any of your data.
  5. Detailed graphs provide a visual representation of your stats. These stats can be compared alongside each other to get a better idea of which ones are paying off the most.
  6. Unlike many other programs, you can track your positive and negative earnings alongside each other.
  7. Tracks almost all major affiliate programs including Clickbank, Commission Junction, Brightshare, CE Cash and CCBill.

StatsRemote has helped many affiliates save countless hours tracking their stats and monitoring which programs work the best for them. Many affiliates have testified that Stats Remote is an awesome program and they highly recommend it to other affiliates.

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