Retargeting ads are a great way of keeping your websites on the radar of potential players you weren’t able to convert on their visit. The danger with this hot new web marketing tool is the danger of simply blending into that oh-so-busy web woodwork.

This problem was the subject of a recent posting on by Mona Elesseily titled, Creating Fatigue-Proof Retargeting Ads. Her tips focus on creating retargeting ads that stand and are action-oriented.

Here are a few pieces of her advice that are particularly relevant to casino affiliates.

Make it About the Player

Most successful affiliates already know how to create an effective call-to-action (CTA) that let’s the player know what’s in it for them. The more you can focus on the customer, the more effective your retargeting efforts will be.

Make Your CTA Specific

There are all kinds of conversions and, not surprisingly, all kinds of CTAs to go with them. Elesseily’s CTA power list includes:

  • Act now
  • Try Now
  • Start Today
  • Enroll Now
  • Get More Info

Make it Pop

Go big on graphics and light on text and your retargeting ads will really pop out at would-be players. Elesseily also suggests keeping your graphic elements to a minimum so that your message gets right in the reader’s face.

Limited-Time Offers

Limited-time offers add a time element that’s often absent from web advertising. Even better, they also create a sense of urgency that many people find very hard to resist.

Whether you’re limiting the offer by time, or by the number of players who can claim it, these kinds of deals make your ads seem lively and deliciously fleeting.

Make Your Keywords Matter

You’re probably already pretty handy with keyword research and applying that skill to retargeting isn’t a big leap. One difference you will run into comes in the form of image-based searches.

This might require a bit more research than your standard text-based search but, again, it isn’t that big a leap.

Target Your Retargeting

On its own, retargeting is a pretty powerful tool but it can always be geared up a notch or two by dialing in your strategy to focus on specific situations.

This means you might serve up different ads to players who click-through to registration pages than you’d serve up to someone who never clicks through at all.

Watch Your Image

Images are what really jump out from most web ads, so choose wisely and A/B test often. Remember, the images that get young sports bettors to convert are probably not the same images that work for bingo players.

Try, Try Again

Retargeting is not something you’re going to nail on the first try, so be ready for some testing, some more testing, and then a little bit more testing. But once you’ve nailed the formula, it’s a great way to get a second chance with some tough customers.

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