777.be has signed on international action film superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme (JCVD) to star in a series of commercials promoting the Belgium operator. It’s a no-brainer kind of decision for 777.be given JCVD’s status as the best know celebrity Belgium has ever produced.

Under the terms of the deal, JCVD will star in a series of ads that are aimed at both traditional media outlets and internet sites such as YouTube.

In the ads, JCVD touts 777.be in a light way, but mostly emphasizes the importance of moderation when gambling online or in a land-based casino. It’s a pretty smart play by 777.be, given the fact that European gambling and advertising regulators have been vigorously monitoring all forms of advertising from online casinos, looking for any sign that they’re luring problem gamblers to their doom like the Sirens of Greek mythology.

777.be Head of Marketing Jean-Christophe Choffray commented on the deal saying, “We are delighted to have Jean-Claude Van Damme on board to help us educate our players about responsible gameplay. Moderation is essential, and with this campaign, Van Damme very effectively combines his talents and humour to get this very important message across to our players and establishing 777.be as a prestigious online casino.”

Choffray is in pretty safe territory with JCVD at the podium. The company has worked with the superstar on past campaigns and his breezy, self-effacing style has long been a hit with international audiences.


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