Creating conversions has always been the end game in affiliate marketing and, in today’s ultra-competitive market, it’s a job that’s never been tougher.

Between Google’s ever-shifting SEO standards and corporate competitors, smaller affiliates can’t be subtle if they want to grab a piece of the igaming pie. In short, the days of polite CTA’s and the soft touch are probably gone for good.

This topic was the subject of a recent Search Engine Journal blog titled, Not for the Faint-Hearted: 11 Daring Ideas for Conversions, by Pratick Dohlakyia. His thought is that now is the time for bold actions that will probably scare the pants off traditional web marketers.

Here are a few of his ideas that are relevant to casino affiliates.

Go Big With the Pop-Ups - Have you notice how even mainstream blogs like have embraced the big pop-up these days? That’s because oversize pop-ups grab attention in a very cluttered media space. But, as Dohlakyia points out, pop ups work – period.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Good Product - It sounds simple, but all the boldest CTA on the planet won’t convert a player if the end-product is piece of junk. Before going bold, you might want that every one of your partners is presenting a quality product.

Sweat the Small Stuff - Responding quickly to e-mails, social media postings and everything else that falls under the heading of customer service is a very big deal. Dohlakyia says, “Small conversations, sweet nothings, and random acts of kindness have huge effects.”

Stand Out from the Pack - What are you doing that your competition isn’t doing? Are you offering the better bonuses? Better content? Better rewards programs? If you can’t come up with an answer to this question today, you need to find one if you want to compete tomorrow.

Make it All About the Customer - No matter what else they might say, everyone loves being the center of attention. In the igaming world, this means spotlighting winners; highlighting your community by praising active posters. The more you make it about the customer, the better off you’ll be.

Build a Relationship - How is it that some sites, like, have built such massive and loyal followings? One of the keys to these success stories is the close relationship between the site and its readers. Relationships like this are fostered by adding value to the gaming experience (through bonuses and rewards); and quality, personality-filled content (just ask Casino Meister how this works).

Love What You Do - Some of the best affiliate sites out there today started because a kid who loved poker wanted to blog a bit; or a football decided that he wanted to share his thoughts with the world. What these sites have in common is a passion for the game that can’t be faked. Creating conversions is a whole lot easier when you love your niche.

Go With Your Gut

Picking up tips and new ideas from marketing experts (and even articles like this one) is all well and good, but that’s no substitute for following your gut. It’s easy to get psyched out when you’ve got a new idea but you shouldn’t let that stop you from trying it out anyways.



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