Who’s your biggest competition when it comes to converting players?

If you mentioned that super affiliate you ran across at last year’s LAC or a behemoth like PokerStrategy.com or SportsbooksReview, you might want to guess again.

According to a recent posting by Steve Woodruff on MarketingProfs.com, people aren’t your biggest competition by a long stretch. That honor actually goes to noise; yes, noise.

Woodruff’s article, Your Biggest Competition is Noise, suggests that the chaos of modern life draws more business away from your website than your biggest competitor ever will. External, and internal, distractions make getting your message across to players a very tough job.

The key to getting past this vexing issue is understanding a bit of information theory called, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

In a laboratory, SNR measures how much a signal or message has been corrupted or diluted by noise. On the web, SNR is all about making your message stand out in a cluttered, chaotic atmosphere.

Woodruff defines the phenomenon like this:

The most important realization that we must come to is that other people only have a very small box to put us into. In my mind, you’re going to get one memory space, one mental pixel.

If you force me to figure you out, I’ll probably get it wrong. So simplify it by giving me one clear and vivid summary.

So how does this apply to casino affiliates? It’s all about simplification.

You can start by de-cluttering the overall design of your site.

Gambling affiliates are notorious for throwing everything but the kitchen sink on their home page, but is all that noise really helping? Experiment a bit with minimalist designs to help reduce the clutter and see how it works.

The same concept can also be applied to your content and e-mail newsletters. Today’s web users are looking for quick hits, so they definitely don’t need Moby Dick-length blog posts or constant e-mail newsletter barrages.

Keeping your content and design crisp, clean, and right to the point, will help it stand out from your biggest competitor…noise.

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