Why Do Live Dealer Sites Matter?

Innovation is an absolutely vital element for the gaming industry on land and on the web.

Over the decades, improvements and add-ons to popular games have helped keep the industry fresh and intriguing to players of all kinds. A quick look back into gaming history shows breakthroughs like progressive slot machines, mini-baccarat and Pai Gow poker have produced untold revenues for casino owners.

Though the biggest gambling innovation ever was the development of online gambling itself, even that breakthrough needs a refresh from time to time…and that’s where live dealer gambling comes into the picture.

Live dealer gambling takes full advantage of the web’s video potential to bring the true casino experience to players who are sitting at home. With igaming affiliates are under serious fire from social gaming, this new “live” style of play comes at an opportune time, and is exactly what the doctor ordered to keep casino destinations competitive with the new social gaming sites.

Live Dealer Advantages for Players

At the end of the day, the only person in the igaming world who really matters is the player –and players, as it turns out, love live dealer gambling.

For starters, players enjoy the amped-up trust factor that comes along with live dealer gaming. Even though the vast majority of online casinos are completely trustworthy, players still appreciate the opportunity to see real live cards being dealt on the table a real ball being spun on an actual roulette wheel.

Live dealer gambling is also a great opportunity to combat the isolation that many players feel as they face off against a faceless, robotic dealer or croupier. As the rise of social gaming proves, players are realizing that they like playing with other people.

So what’s the downside to live dealer gambling? According to affiliate managers at Ace Revenue, the biggest problem with live dealer games is that on some desktops the play can be a bit slow.

Live Dealer Advantages for Affiliates

From the affiliate perspective, live dealer gambling offers a chance to promote old favorites in an entirely new wrapper. That’s a huge advantage in a world where players are bombarded by new gaming opportunities at practically every turn and on practically every screen.

Even better, live dealer gaming’s increased trust factor is a great opportunity to introduce online gambling to players who’ve previously only played at land casinos.

The familiar rhythms of the games they know and love, along with an actual human face, can go a long ways towards erasing any doubts they’ve harbored about igaming’s credibility.

The Future of Gaming?

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of live streamed video on a mobile device was something straight out of science fiction, but that’s not the case anymore.

Today, smart phones and tablets contain beefy processors that make live video interactions possible no matter where the player happens to be.

While traditional igaming isn’t going to go away, it seems clear that live dealer gaming is more than just a novelty, and is going to be grabbing an increasing market share in the years to come.

Sex Sells

Question: What do all live dealer gambling sites have in common?

Answer: Sexy, female dealers.

We’ve yet to see a live dealer site that wasn’t packed with pretty girls spilling out cleavage over the table. Sex definitely sells on the web, and everywhere else, and pretty girls are an easy sell to igaming’s predominantly male audience.

Placing lovely ladies in skimpy outfits in “party pits” at the front of the house is a marketing technique that’s grown very popular in Las Vegas and other land-based gambling meccas.

But if you walk to the house, you’ll find plenty of normal-looking dealers of all ages who offer experience, wisdom and humor as part of the gaming experience.

Eventually, live dealer gambling on the web may be forced to offer dealers who look more like the players they serve.

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