Can a good sense of humor help small-time casino affiliates level the playing field against their big-time competitors?

That’s the conclusion content marketing guru Neil Patel came to in a recent blog that should be quite interesting any affiliate who struggles with the challenges of content marketing.

Of course humor needs to be expressed in proper doses and (apologies to fans of locker room humor) it should also be done within the confines of good taste.

If you’re wondering how humor can help your small casino affiliate business, here are a few thoughts to consider.

Know Your Audience

Do you know who’s reading your content? Comedic content has to be tailored to the people who are going to actually see it if you really want to make a mark. Offending your audience with a poorly conceived meme, however, won’t make the kind of mark you want.

If you’re not able to go deep into a demographic profile, at least spend a few minutes on Google Analytics to get a sense of where your traffic is actually coming from. It’s an investment of time that will pay off in a big way when the laughs start rolling in.

Respect Your Brand

Not only should you show some respect for your audience, you be showing some respect for your brand also.

If your brand is fun and light (bingo people, I’m looking at you) your humorous content should be fun and light, too. If you’re a serious/edgy poker affiliate, your content should be just as edgy and serious as you are.

Keep it Simple

Simple is better when it comes to comedic content. Chances are, if you think a meme or other piece of potentially viral content is funny, your readers (who are already seeking out your content) will think the same.

The simple fact is that humorous content is the kind of content your readers are more likely to share with friends (who may not gamble) and that’s a big win for smaller casino affiliates.


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