Casino affiliate marketing is an incredibly competitive marketplace and affiliates who want to survive must be willing to use every marketing tool they can access.

But is it so competitive that you should resort to foul language to make your point to potential players? As it turns out, a bit of salty language could be just the thing to give you an edge in a survival of the fittest atmosphere.

Foul language is not a marketing tool that’s going to be effective in every industry. In the world of online gambling, however, where everyone is presumed to be an adult in the first place,¬† a bit of coarse language is perfectly acceptable.

In a recent posting on his Quicksprout blog, content marketing guru Neil Patel discussed the relative merits of foul language as a marketing tool. His conclusion? There are definitely some advantages to marketing like a sailor on leave.

For starters, curse word marketing can be incredibly funny and funny is usually a pretty effective tool for setting yourself apart from the crowd. In a world  where readers are continually bombarded with advertisements, a bit of coarse language definitely stands out.

Cursing in marketing materials also conveys a sense of authenticity that can be incredibly valuable in the faceless world of online marketing. In the world of online gambling, it also lets players know that they’re not necessarily dealing with a stuffed shirt casino.

Of course curse words are a tool that should be used with relative moderation. You want to convey a sense of rebellion, but not so much that your players feel like they might be dealing with a character from Goodfellas.

Remember, a little cursing goes a long f—ing way.


Cursing is also

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