What’s the hottest internet gambling market in the world right now?

No, it’s not Asia.

The regulated version of that market is still in the fetal stage. Maybe one day it will pop, but not this year.

How about Western Europe?

Sorry, that’s not it either. Thanks to piles of red tape and bureaucracy that market just isn’t living up to its full potential. Sure there’s money there, but operators can have a heck of a time just obtaining a license in countries like Germany and Spain.

No, if you really want to go where the action is – or is going to be – keeping heading east to the countries that once comprised the Soviet Union.

Thanks to a convergence of favorable population demographics and revenue hungry governments, Eastern Europe is primed for an internet gambling Renaissance. That’s a point that Romanian writer and professional gambler, Mihai Voinea, made recently on CalvinAyre.com titled, The State of Online Gambling in Eastern Europe.

Voinea points out that living standards in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc have been steadily improving over the past years. That, combined with government entities that are keen to open new tax revenue streams, have made Eastern Europe a ripe target for operators that are looking to break new ground.

Any internet gambling executive who is wondering if the average Eastern European resident will be a good customer should site down and chat with Voinea. He says the average Eastern gambling mentality is all about high risk, high rewards. Even better, in his eyes, is their willingness to spend a high percentage of their income on gambling.

As Eastern Europe matures as an internet gambling market, casino affiliates who can find a niche – and create localized content – could find themselves in a very sweet spot.

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