MONTREAL, QC. September 20, 2008 – The affiliate marketing survey that Income Access ( sent out in July 2008 has been compiled into a complete report. Sent to 375 online gambling affiliates, the survey was comprised of 25 questions across five categories, and received a 72.3 percent response rate. An executive summary of the results is now being prepared, and will be distributed to all affiliate who participated.

Income Access sponsored the survey to get a better understanding of the needs and preferences of affiliates in the online gaming marketplace. The central objective of the Income Access survey was to determine what factors influence casino, poker, sportsbook, bingo, and mobile gaming affiliates worldwide to partner with affiliate programs.

"At Income Access, we've always emphasized the needs and goals of our partners," said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. "So we're rather excited to have these results in. With this intelligence, we should be able to both provide better support to our affiliates and offer our gaming partners access to an even higher quality affiliate network."

The results of the survey have provided Income Access with considerable insight into the size and proportion of different affiliate demographics. Income Access will use the data from the survey to optimize the activities of their affiliate management and support teams.

Specifically, the Income Access survey provides an overview of how affiliate marketers are distributed according to age, gender, language, location, level of revenues, communication preferences, and knowledge and use of key industry resources.

Of key interest is how differently higher- and lower-performing affiliates interact with their affiliate managers, and the type of support they desire. This insight has shown Income Access that there is a need for different segmented service strategies to satisfy the needs of different affiliates.

An executive summary of the survey’s findings will be made available to all affiliates who participated in the survey. Income Access' Director of Affiliate Marketing, Sara Wolde Gabriel, will also be presenting the results at Affiliate Bootcamp at the CAP Euro Barcelona 2008 conference from September 25-28, in Barcelona, Spain.

About Income Access:
Since 2002, Income Access has been helping affiliates and operators succeed in the online gaming space. With an emphasis on long-term, proactive relationships, Income Access offers three types of services to meet the individual marketing needs of its partners: 1) an affiliate network, 2) white label affiliate marketing software, and 3) an expert team of affiliate managers. To date, Income Access has partnered with a variety of Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Bingo, Mobile, and Softgames operators.

Nicky Senyard
Income Access


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