Eve Online was a relatively calm online video game, until the introduction of in-game gambling turned it into a massive drama.

In recent days, the owner of an in-game casino has been banned from the game after using his gambling profits to turn the massive multiplayer online game. The whole soap opera stands as proof the power of in-game gambling; in-game currencies; and crypto currencies as a whole.

The trouble started earlier this year when, according to a report on Polygon.com, the owner of an in-game casino called I Want ISK used the profits from his venture to hire a mercenary army to overthrow an established in-game faction. (ISK refers to the name of Eve Online’s in-game currency.)

Once the battle ended, CCP Games (Eve Online’s creator) stepped in; shut down all the accounts belonging to the casino owner; and seized 30-40 trillion in ISK with a real-world value of nearly $620,000 (USD).

CCP is making it clear that the ban was the result of I Want ISK owner Gonzalo “Eep Eep” Leon’a practice of trading ISK outside of the game. A practice CCP says is a violation of their end-user agreement.

While Leon dismissed the controversy and says he’s moving on from Eve Online entirely. He hasn’t, however, moved on from gambling or trading in ISK.

In an interview with Polygon, Leon says he’s focusing on his gambling sites and creating his own version of Eve Online, with a space casino theme. He’s also continued trading in ISK.

As for Leon’s in-game enemies, they’re thrilled to see the casino magnate’s removal from the game and are recovering from the wounds Leon’s gambling-funded mercenary army inflicted on them.

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