Facebook is a fairly new web marketing platform that comes with a problem as old as web marketing itself, “How do I get more click throughs?”

Beefing up Facebook click throughs, however, isn’t quite as complicated as it might sound. Even better, a lot of the tools in your web marketing skill set flow seamlessly into the social advertising space.

In a recent blog posting titled, 7 Tips for Increasing Your Click Through Rates on Facebook, blogger/web marketing guru Neil Patel tackled this growing issue.

Here are a few of those tips that should be particularly useful to casino affiliates.

The Old-Fashioned CTA

Increasing your Facebook CTR is oftentimes as simple as changing up your CTA. A good call-to-action, along with a compelling image (remember, this is social media) can boost your click throughs by as much as 14%.

Adding a CTA to any Facebook posting is dead simple and it’s a wonder that so many FB advertisers miss this step entirely.

Add Your Voice

Information without context isn’t all that interesting to Facebook users who are buzzing their way through social media postings in search of the next-big-thing.

For that reason, Patel suggests adding a bit of text along with the links you’re sharing in the social space.

Not only is this step good for branding, it can also increase click throughs by about 8%.

Know Your Color

Every demographic, according to Patel, is particularly responsive to certain colors. Your job is to figure out exactly what color palette is most appealing to your particular audience.

This isn’t exactly ground-breaking news to anyone who has worked in the gambling business for any length of time. Poker players like those red, black and Kelly green tones. Bingo and slot players, on the other hand, respond to a brighter, more playful palette.

Patel says that by simply tweaking image colors, he was able to see double-digit conversion rates.

Develop Good Timing

In the same way that every audience has a certain color scheme it responds well to, every audience has a certain time of day that’s ripe for conversion. Once again, your job is to use trial and error in effort to determine that sweet spot.

Patel is quick to point out that you may find different types of engagements spike during different times of day. That means you need to understand the different types of Facebook engagements and how your audience responds to them.


Enhancing Facebook click throughs isn’t exactly rocket science and it shouldn’t be too foreign to casino affiliates. Those same, core web marketing skills you’ve been using for years are a great fit for the social space.


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