Dublin put on a great show for us this year at the iGaming Super Show this year, and although there was a good deal of grumbling about the lack of affiliates, there’s plenty to be said about quality over quantity. There were a few moments where the show was in danger of becoming a rendezvous point for a bunch of the same people, but on the other hand, it was nice to have the time to catch up in depth with business partners and friends from around the world.

The Show

Hit: As always, the show is a great place to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. Whether you were there to simply show your face or to nut out the details of your next deal, the Affiliate Zone Bars kept the discussion flowing over pints of Guinness. The famed hospitality of the Irish rang true – before, during or after the event there were always fantastic people willing to help. A well organised event in a great city.

Miss: The promo models looked so bored it was contagious. Even the men ogling them did it in a half-hearted fashion. Amusingly, the much-lauded golf buggies carting delegates from the official hotel to the venue eventually got banned from the touching the road, so delegates were forced to walk the punishing 500m instead. Truly tragic.

The Merchandise

Hit: Let’s be completely honest – the people who love freebies the most are probably those who are richer than God and can afford everything on offer. Still, I’m always eager to see what companies can come up with and iAffiliates delivered the hit of the show – terrific capsule speakers in brand-friendly green, complete with their logo.

Miss: the ever-present polyester-heavy round-neck t-shirts in horrendous colours with massive logos. Every conference, guys. Why?

The Parties

Hit: The Butlers Bingo crowd treated a select group of their friends to some fantastic cocktails, great food and a relaxed atmosphere in which a person could actually hear the conversation they were participating in. Although the cocktails were heavily regretted the following day, they were some of the best drinks of the show.

Another standout was the official closing party at Vanilla nightclub, whose 70s Saturday Night Fever decor (think white leather doors and a dancefloor comprised of illuminated boxes) worked surprisingly well. The open bar was a hit, although I hear corporate cards still received an absolute spanking because Guinness was mysteriously left off the tab.

Miss: William Hill, who tried hard to impress by hiring out one of the most exclusive clubs in Dublin, but whose hellish lighting, techno beats and self-serve drinks failed to deliver. We appreciate the effort, but was the bar staff simply there to decorate the place?

All in all Dublin Affiliate Conference was a winner for affiliates and for exceptional affiliate managers. Even if you feel that these shows are out of the way, it’s important to go because there’s always the chance you’ll meet that one person who can help your business go in the direction it needs to. You never know what can come of a casual chat with your counterpart – perhaps you’ll glean new business from old business?

If the rumors prove true, this may have been Dublin’s last conference and we’ll be swapping Guinness for Grolsch next year. Looking forward to seeing what the conference producers can come up with!

About The Author

Hailing from Australia, Kahmen Lai worked as an executive for broadcast network The Seven Media Group. She has been the Director of Content and Social Media at online casino, Big Gains No Pains, since the company’s inception in 2011.

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