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David Merry

David Merry: Director, Castle Entertainment

Some folks are late bloomers and other people seem to have been born as full-grown adults. David Merry of Castle Entertainment definitely falls into the latter category. Merry is an SEO and link building expert who has been building a reputation as a clearheaded businessman. His former colleagues and current clients describe him as an SEO expert; a quick study; and a top notch entrepreneur. Navigating the wilds of today’s link building environment has, no doubt, helped improved Merry’s business skills and helped to make CasinoCastle.com a big success.

Under David’s other company, Right Casino Media, fall a few large affiliate sites, including roulette.co.ukliveroulette.co.uklivecasino.co.ukslots.co.uk and binaryoptions.co.uk.

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