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I'm coming to get you Calvin...

DOJ/Preet Bharara vs Calvin Ayre

US Attorney Preetinder Singh “Preet” Bharara is not a guy who is crazy about online gambling, and he’s definitely not crazy about iGaming’s favorite bad boy, Calvin Ayre.

Over the years, Bharara has elevated his dislike of Ayre to some absolutely Inspector Javert-like levels. Bharara is dead set on bringing Ayre to the US to face illegal gambling charges and has happily confiscated any web domain that’s Ayre-related.

For his part, Ayre has steadily egged Bharara on from his offshore hideouts and online via Just this week the site ran a prominent article describing, in some detail, how a Federal Judge recently referred to the legal eagle as a, “drama queen.”

Given Ayre’s deep pockets and ability to delay the justice system, we don’t expect this feud to be worked out anytime soon.

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