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Gilad Somjen

Gilad Somnjen, Forex Agency

Serious negotiators won’t even talk with someone they don’t trust, which is one of the reasons Gilad Somjen is such a good negotiator. His reputation as an extremely knowledgeable, and trustworthy, business partner gives him a serious edge when it comes to negotiating new deals.

His past associates describe him as follows:

Gilad lives and breathes online marketing. His passion is contagious and inspires all who are fortunate enough to work with him. He is an outstanding manager and mentor.

Another colleague had this to say:

Gilad provides an excellent service to whomever he is working with, whether as clients or colleagues. By carefully understanding what people need from him and the technology, and ensuring that the finished product meets, or exceeds their requirements, his clients tend not to go away happy, but to stay with him, happily!

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