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The Last Big Thing

Just in case you think that the folks behind these hot, hot startups are a bunch of starry-eyed dreamers, we’d like to direct your attention to the DoubleDown Casino. This social gaming phenomenon launched in 2009 on the premise that social gamers might like to access a whole casino gaming suite from a single, well-designed app.

It turns out that company founders Greg Enell and Cooper DuBois were absolutely right. The first game on their app, blackjack, was an instant success and they’ve been churning out similarly popular games ever since. In 2012, DoubleDown was sold to International Gaming Technology (IGT) in a deal that could be worth about half a billion dollars and has been delivering sweet revenues to the firm ever since.

DoubleDown’s success story should be an inspiration to all the other companies on our list, and all the businesses that haven’t yet left the idea stage, that the Internet startup dream is alive and well.

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