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PokerStars Prematurely Cuts Affiliates

Stories of supposedly rogue affiliate programs are almost as common as actual rogue affiliate problems. The big difference is that the supposed rogues don’t impact nearly as many affiliate partners as the real deal.

These stories usually start out with a single forum posting detailing a laundry list of grievances against an operator and a rallying cry to other affiliates to finally stand up to the bad guys. So what’s the problem here?

The Truth: The devil is always in the details and that’s frequently the case with the boy who cried, “Rogue.” We saw a great example of this last when an affiliate claimed PokerStars had unfairly dropped him for not bringing in enough players.

The only problem with his story is that all the grievances he outlined in his posting were clearly covered in PokerStars’ Affiliate Terms & Conditions. As is so often the case, a few minutes spent reading the fine print would have saved some major headaches. In this instance,

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