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Real Money Gambling on Facebook

Internet gambling is a business that craves approval from mainstream sources which is why rumors of real money gambling apps on Facebook were always so intriguing.

Unlike a lot of rumors and half-truths, this story held up pretty well under scrutiny. After their less-than-thrilling IPO, Zuckerberg and company were desperate for new revenue streams.

With a plethora of social casino and table games locking down huge players bases every month, a real money gateway made sense to everyone involves. Besides, Faceboook’s strong grasp on customer demographics and geolocation sidestepped a bunch of tricky logistical issues.

Truth: Facebook is, indeed, offering real money gambling apps. So far it’s just been a trickle of apps from a few markets where online gambling is already legal, but this is clearly a growing sector. After all, who can say, “no,” to revenue?

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