Online gambling and gaming affiliate conference masterminds iGaming Business have announced their latest European-based event: In June, the online gaming world meets up with the Royal Malta Yacht Club for the first-ever iGaming Regatta.

iGB describes the event with undeniable allure. “Picture it: the crystal clear sparkly Mediterranean sea. The hot sun beating down on you. The cool wind flying past you as you sail into the horizon. And best of all? Your team working together with the common goal of beating your competitors at more than just sales figures.”

Known for staging large-scale, A-list online gaming events and conferences all throughout Europe, iGaming Business is the company behind the annual London Affiliate Conference and iGB Affiliate Awards, held each January in London (and which, full disclosure, helped to create).

Other stops on the iGaming Business conference circuit include the iGaming Super Show, to be held this year in Dublin, and iGaming France, which wrapped up just a few weeks ago. Past events have been held in Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam, even Cancun and the Bahamas. (CAP Spring Break, anyone?)

But the upcoming iGaming Regatta offers something more. Scheduled for Thursday, June 9 through Sunday, June 12th in and around the Mediterranean isle (and online gambling hub) of Malta, the iGaming Regatta will be a series of sailboat races among the online gambling and casino affiliate circuit.

Held at the Royal Malta Yacht Club, the iGaming Regatta, the competition is designed as an equal playing field, with participants racing in identical boats that come complete with their own skipper. It’s a team-building exercise for online casino businesses as “only determination, team-work and a steady wind will shape the outcome of the weekend.”

    “It’s an action packed weekend, with a series of races to decide the iGaming Regatta 2011 champions!” iGaming Business reps stated. “And as everyone will be racing sailing boats of exactly the same design its easy to see who’s ahead, no reason to wait for results or work out complicated handicap ratings as the yachts are different sizes, and no big boat entry fees either, this is what’s called ‘Match Racing‘ at its best!”

    Racing itself will be held on Friday and Saturday, with Thursday and Saturday allotted for networking, socializing, and just enjoying the island of Malta. Get the full schedule here.

    Those not interested in the actual competition but who wouldn’t mind spending a few days in Malta relaxing and networking with the cream of the online gaming crop are also encouraged to attend. For more details and registration information, visit

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