MONTREAL, QC. October 27, 2008 – One of the speakers at this year’s iGaming Marketing Forum in London will be the Income Access' Director of Affiliate Marketing, Sara Wolde Gabriel. Organized by Bullet Business, the iGaming Marketing Forum will occur October 28-29 at the Marriott Hotel Regents Park in London, England. On the first day of the event, Ms. Wolde Gabriel will speak to gaming operators about what they need to about affiliate marketing.

A long-time partner of the online gaming industry, Income Access ( has been offering performance-based marketing solutions to gaming operators since 2002. Since its inception, Income Access has established partnerships with more than 60 operators and 17,000 affiliates, and has grown to more than 40 employees. At the iGaming Marketing Forum, Ms. Wolde Gabriel will deliver a presentation on how operators can leverage the full potential of their affiliate program.

"In today's economic climate, operators have to step up their marketing efforts, and focus more on ROI," said Ms. Wolde Gabriel. "Affiliate marketing is just the medium to let them do both. It's a low-risk, performance-based strategy that allows operators to attract new players, and pay only for results. I look forward to discussing the potential of affiliate marketing with my colleagues."

Occurring at 2:30pm on October 28, Ms. Wolde Gabriel's presentation is "Affiliate Marketing: What You Need to Know." It will cover several themes, including how operators can leverage the full value of affiliate marketing and establish win-win relationships with respected affiliates. Ms. Wolde Gabriel will also explore the various marketing tactics of the most successful affiliates, as well as identify the critical success factors in delivering a successful operator/affiliate partnership that delivers bottom line profits for both parties.

Over the years, Income Access has developed a reputation for building proactive relationships with its various partners. Developed specifically to meet the needs of the online gaming space, the Income Access affiliate marketing software provides in-depth tracking reports that help both operators and affiliates optimize their online marketing efforts. Their affiliate marketing team also focuses on meeting the unique needs of their various partners and offers dedicated support.

The Bullet Business iGaming Marketing Forum will be held October 28-29 at the Marriott Hotel Regents Park in London, England. For more information on the event, visit the official website at

Those interested in meeting with Ms. Wolde Gabriel should inquire at Attendees can register for the iGaming Marketing Forum here:

About iGaming Marketing Forum
Organized by Bullet Business, the iGaming Marketing Forum is a unique opportunity to meet with key marketing experts from the online gaming industry. The event offers gaming operators the opportunity to discuss their most important challenges and reset their marketing strategies to deliver greater returns on their online gaming business.

About Income Access
In operation since 2002, Income Access focuses on building long-term, proactive relationships with operators and affiliates alike. Offering three types of service, they work closely with both operators and their affiliates to optimize their respective marketing campaigns. While their network partners enjoy access to over 17,000 affiliates and unparalleled analytics on campaign performance, their affiliates receive comprehensive support from a dedicated affiliate management team. The same software that powers their affiliate network is also available to be white labeled by operators who prefer to create their own affiliate program.     



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