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Some other affiliate managers who got shoutouts in our forum thread?

topboss said, “My favorites would have to be David from Castle Affiliates, Elliott from Focal Click, Nir from Aff Europe, Myron from Red Flush, Renee from Rewards Affiliates, Inbal from Casino.com, Martyn from Affiliate Edge and Lance from Referback.”

pjotter named his favorites: “I would have to thank Martyn Beacon at AffiliateEdge, Shaun O’Neill at NordicBet Partners, Renee at Rewards Affiliates, everyone at Brightshare, everyone at Referback, everyone at NordicBettingAffiliates (Bet24), Franco at VJ Affiliates, Jason at Mainstreet, Anders Hedberg of Wagershare, Clara at AffActive and Myron Saacks (now RedReturns).”

What makes an affiliate manager that acts as a true partner?

A good affiliate manager works as a true partner. They will show interest in increasing your profit as well as theirs and will work towards the common good, rather than their own and their brand’s. This is an extremely unique feature in affiliate managers, so if you ever run across one of them make sure you make the best of it and thank them a lot. I often spell out how much the relationship you have with your affiliate reflects a romantic relationship, because it does, and this is one of the aspects that everyone finds irreplaceable. How to work with this effectively? Be a true partner yourself.

Martyn Beacon

Renee Mate


Who is your favorite affiliate and why? Share on the comments below and at our forum thread here.

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